If you look in internet you may find thousands of different ways of making compost or how to treat your bio-waste. I think there is not a better or worst way to do it as you may know everything will depend on the place you are located and the environmental conditions around.

When we were in Patagonia this year ours friends from “El Bolson” a beautiful city in Argentinian Patagonia (please go and visit there!) were making HUMANURE, what is that? Some of you may think, well is a composting technic to transform your feces (shit, crap, poop) into a rich soil for you garden. So if you have a dry toilet this is one of the ways you can make compost out of it, then the question is, how it is? …. First in your compost dry toilet you will have a bucket like the yellow one in the pictures where everything will go… yes everything urine and feces (I’m gonna be elegant here jejjejeje) many people think that is not possible or should not be mixed but actually it just enrich the final compost and depending where you are you may work with the humidity but more than this everything is fine. As a normal dry toilet after you use it you have to cover it with some sawdust to neutralize odor and to make a balance with nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) in the compost. You can also add some ashes that will bring some minerals and is really good for odors too. After the bucket is full you take to a compartment like a box (1×1 mt3 is good enough) and leave it on the middle so you start making a pile from the middle up. Every time you bring your materials (that sounds really nice for feces and urine jejjejjeje) you must leave it on the middle, make a small hole first and then deposit there because the middle is where the compost is more active (for this reason hotter) so the new material will process faster. Finally you cover it again with more sawdust and you can also wash the bucket and throw the water above.

Couple of months later you will see how everything will transform into a beautiful and super rich soil for your garden. Some people is afraid of making humanure because of the materials you use but give a try and you will not regret 😉

Have a beautiful time and until the next sun!

Big hug!

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