Wandel Garten

Name: Wandel Garten

Place: Ettersburg Germany

Area: 15.000 m2

Story: During my time in Germany I met a really nice person with a beautiful dream Project. He wanted to make a space where everyone could get out from the “hamster Wheel” and discover a new way of living, mentaly and fisicaly. I was really excited to help him and be part of such a nice project where also feed his family from a community garden was one of the main goals. During the process we became friend and we developed one workshop of permaculture in company of the first snow in Winter (amazing for my because I dont have snow in my hometown). Finally with the dreams of all the participants from the workshop we made the design of the “Wandel Garten” (Change Garden) and hopefuly during this year or next one it will became real and open to everyone! 

Analisys: Wandel Garten Ettersburg


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