Summer school Cordillera

Name: Magic forest

Place: Parque Quintil ValparaisoChile


We had a call from “TAC” Taller de Acción Comunitaria (workshop of community action) because they were making a summer school for children. They have been doing that for about 62 years! what a job! and everything is volunteer so every child can come for free and enjoy one whole week of different activities in a lot of differents fields.

So we join the workshop call “multitaller” what is like “several workshops in one”. It was super fun even if we were helping only for 2 days but we practiced some traditional martial arts from Brasil “Capoeira” and we made some activities on the forest. The coolest one was the 7 wonders where children were looking in the forest what was for them a wonder and why it was a wonder so then they have to explain to everyone.

Was amazing how they were running around the forest and finding so many thing what make them realize how important and interesting is the forest and nature.

We have a beautiful moment and they really enjoy the time there so as always we were so happy to be in nature!

Well big hug and until the next sun!

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