Julio Verne Square

Name: Julio Verne Square

Place: Valparaíso, Chile


Hidden in a hill there was a place where people were using it as a landfill but the community didnt really want that so the children from the local public school took the first step and they cleaned up the place. So next day the neighbors saw what was done and they decide to join the work and that’s where we appear.

The community was not sure how to develop the Project so we guide them making sessions of Dragon Dreaming with the children and neighbors so they could bring their dreams and ideas into the place. In between those first sessions together with the School and volunteers from Catholic University we cleaned the place and we planted native trees.

To keep going with the plan we designed a square with all the ideas from the dragon dreaming sessions and with the conditions of the place. We finally got the whole design and everyone was happy with the result. So now they are looking for economic support to make this dream come true. We Will keep an eye in this Project to continue our help.

Big hug to everyone and until the next sun!

Analysis: Diseño en Permacultura Plaza Julio Verne (only spanish version available)

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