Meet us

Alexander Vergara Castro

From: Valparaíso, Chile

Passions: nature and dance 

Profession: Environmental Engineer, Specialist in Environment and Sustainability, and Certified Permaculture Designer

Life goal: share everything I can to create a better world 

Hello everyone! I am Alexander better known as Alexcinho, a happy member of Sustainable Lands and a passionate person about nature. Since I was a child sitting around the fire I felt this connection with nature and I have the best memories with my family and friends in a forest, river or somewhere in the mountains. Through life I had the chance to live in different countries where I discovered the richness of culture, traditions, languages and differences. After that my world became wider and smaller at the same time getting new friends and ideas as well sharing my experiences and life. I remember being in nature all my life, so for me the connection with your natural and social surroundings are the key for life. Because of that I have been following an educational path in Permaculture and Environmental Science that took me to live in ecovillages and work/volunteering in different projects around the world. For me life is an experience and as more feelings you experience as closest you are to a perfect day.