First Compost

Name: First Compost

Place: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, EE.UU


Compost? what is that? what you use for? how you make it? really so easy?. I think this are the first questions around compost and how people react when they see how easy is to make it and how wonderful it is. So a friend asked us how to make compost in his garden, but he did already bought a composter machine (the one Im not really fan of jejjejeje) to start. Following his enthusiasm we check the caracteristic of this machine because some design are better than others (not sponsors yet here 😛 ) and is good to explore the best way to use it. So after we check how it could work better we search for the best spot in his garden and for that we search in google maps and the elements he has in his garden so we could know from where the sun is coming, the wind and shadows… Why? may be asking yourself now… Well because is important to control the temparature, humidity and air coming to the compost process. After we got the best spot for the compost machine and give the recomendation for what they should leave inside… Well …Voila! Compost for the garden! (and less biowaste for the landfill). After more than a year we were helped them, now they have been producing compost for the garden and the process just keep going what is great because now they produce less waste, less energy to process those waste and more recycled material and a beautiful garden full of local energy! great guy!

Until the next sun!

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