Name: Compostate

Place: Valparaíso, Chile


This story is an interesting story about health and enviroment. We colaborate with and NGO called “Endémica” organization what Works in environmental education in the región of Valparaíso Chile. From the local goverment there was a call to make a compost workshop in 6 family health centers where the main idea was to gather people and trought sharing with a group it could help different illness, because being with more people and share with them is part of one of the most natural medicine. We were super excited and we had to make 24 sesión! so we prepared 3 different ways of making compost: traditional compost, vermicompost and bokashi.

Some of the communities were in complicated places (social and economy) so one of the priorities was to help them how to make compost but not spending any money only with recycled materials. It was a great experience and everyone who toke part in the whole experience brought something and took something with them. We are so glad that so many people were interested in composting their biowaste and complete the cicle with they gardens.

Big hug to everyone and Until the next sun!

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