Recycled Wood

Name: Recycling and restoration

Place: Viña del Mar Chile


Viña del Mar is a kind of special social city because there is a lot of rich people living there but also a lot of pour people who are kind of hidden in the suburbs. Nevertheless it shows that its a rich city but they have some social risk school with a lot of children who want a better life. This project wanst really about making more sustainable lands but it was about making more smiles =)
First we talk with the psychologist of the school who told us that the children did not have benches or tables to eat in the playground (patio) during lunch time. So we decide that would be a good idea if they make the benches and tables with recycled wood from pallets so they learn how to build furniture, use tools, recycle and make something that will be for them so they will take care of that.

Since we started we got a surprise because some of them already knew how to work with tools and how to build some stuff. They told us that they were working during weekends with their parents to help with theirs economy issues so thats why they have some habilities already. During the whole proccess we got to know them and what they wanted to be in life and we try to encurage them to follow their dreams even if the life can be difficult is impostant persevering. So after working for couple of months they made a really nice pieces of furniture with recycled Wood and with a lot of love and energy to share with th whole school.

So it was a wonderful experience and the strength they have to face life is so inspiring that it just make you keep working for a better world for everyone.

Until the next sun!


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