Making Compost


Workshop Name: Making compost

Intro facilitator: Alexander, since he was a little child he have been passionate about nature and this love to nature brought him into the environmental science where he became a permaculture designer, environmental engineer and specialist in environment and sustainability. He love to share and learn knowledges from/with everyone and work together to make this world as natural as it was.

Intro workshop: The workshop is focus on people who want to produce their own compost and fertilizer, those who want to discover different technics and goes further into the topic of soil and regeneration.

The outcome of the workshop is to have an understanding of what is soil, what is compost, how compost and natural fertilizers works, know which would be the best techniques to use for my project and the design behind every compost space.

Information we will go through:

  • Types of soils
  • Beneficial microorganisms
  • Types of compost
  • How to build a: bokashi, traditional pile, vermicompost and humanure
  • How to keep a good composting process for a traditional pile, vermicompost and humanure