Permaculture in Belgrade Serbia

So here we are! back from Serbia after some weeks and after an amazing time there. We were in a rural (country side) área of Belgrade visiting and working in a Project called “Different Belgrade” what was about permaculture and ecotourism. So we met Dejan (the master mind of the Project) who pick up us from the city and took us to the place where we had our first amazing and interesting meeting with the place, why? because when you get there you dont see the house! its so well connected with nature and with the forest where its that you can really see it only when you are in front of the house what is amazing and a super great way of have an armony with your surronding. Then we explore a Little bit the house with Dejan and asking about how he build it. He told us he made it with his family and Friends and almost 100% of the material are from the place (natural material) or recycled what is pretty amazing for such a nice house. The house have a solar panel for the light inside (but I recommend candles will look like you could dream), also have drinkable water and a dry toilet. And for sure the most important an incredible warm and natural energy inside.

So you think is everything? Ooouuu nooo! the house is in a slope so when you go downstairs (throught the new stairs I fixed jejjjejejjeje) there is a big space with a stage! Yes a stage! so Dejan is ready to make some concert or festivals there where also you can find some hammocks, table tennis and a rustic bar. Uf pretty cool right?… yes its a really nice place and with even a lot of more potencial to shine at it deserve.

So we were super happy to be there and met Dejan he is a really nice person and an incredible human being with nice dreams and great Project going on there. So everybody is invited to share and visit Different Belgrade and make this place one of the susteinable destiny in Serbia.

Until next Sun!



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