Making Compost: Dry Toilet Construction

Making Compost: Dry Toilet Construction

Workshop Name: Making Compost: Dry Toilet Construction

Intro facilitator: Alexander, since he was a little child he have been passionate about nature and this love to nature brought him into the environmental science where he became a permaculture designer, environmental engineer and specialist in environment and sustainability. He love to share and learn knowledges from/with everyone and work together to make this world as natural as it was.

Intro workshop: The workshop is an action day where we will build a dry toilet in a garden. During the day we will have some theory to understand the design and construction behind a dry toilet. There will be different tasks that will be separated into groups to make the construction more efficient. No construction experience is necessary, everyone can participate, we will also help with techniques on how to use some tools and how to use some permaculture design techniques to place the dry toilet.

The outcome of the workshop is to have an understanding of how to build and how it works a dry toilet, how to compost the feces and how to use the urine in the garden, and the conscious behind of not wasting drinkable water.

Information we will go through 

  • What is a Dry Toilet?
  • How to build a Dry Toilet?
  • How to maintain a Dry Toilet?
  • What to do with feces and urine?
  • Permaculture design techniques

Language: English


Making Compost: Dry Compost Construction

A full Action Day bulding a Dry Toilet in a Garden

06 of May 2023
From 10:00 to 17:00 Hrs.

Making Compost: Dry Toilet Construction

Bring: gloves and safety glasses

If you have: hand saw, electric screwdriver, carpenter angle. It will be really welcome

10:00 Welcome

10:05 Theory of Dry Toilets

10:35 Tools info and start Construction

11:35 Pause

11:45 Construction

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Construction

15:30 Pause

15:40 Construction

17:00 Ending of the day

30 € 
Including the information during the day and the food 

Wanderparkplatz Turnerbrunnen, 69121 Heidelberg  ( 1km walking from this point to the North)

Only 15 places