Create your sustainable land

Welcome to Sustainable Lands, a space where you can help to create sustainable places around the world.

What we do:

  • Design places (e.g. gardens) based on permacultural principles
  • Advices on permaculture, composting (how to make spaces more sustainable, …)
  • Guide projects with Dragon Dreaming

How it works:

You want to create a sustainable place or transform an existing place into a more sustainable one in order to reduce your environmental impact? You want to start composting your organic waste but don’t know where to start? You want to harvest your own vegetables, directly from the garden to your plate?

We want to help you to make it possible sharing our experience and knowledge.

Send your request to SUSTAINABLELANDS.INFO@GMAIL.COM. It should contain the following informations:

  • Which project you want to realize?
  • Where  do you want to realize your project (country, city, street, …)
  • Send us at least 4 pictures from the place you want to implement your project from different angles.


According to our vision of how permacultural trading could look like we want to leave it up to you: You can donate money or any other material or immaterial product you can offer for exchange.

You have any questions?


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