Dreams Of Permaculture

Dreams of Permaculture

Workshop Name: Dreams of Permaculture
(Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture workshops)

Intro facilitator: Alexander, since he was a little child he have been passionate about nature and this love to nature brought him into the environmental science where he became a permaculture designer, environmental engineer and specialist in environment and sustainability. He love to share and learn knowledges from/with everyone and work together to make this world as natural as it was.

Intro workshop: The workshop is focus on people who want to learn about permaculture and how to develop a sustainable project based in your dreams. The workshops are based in Australians methodologies, Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture Design, which are world wild use for sustainable projects such a eco-villages, eco-communities, eco-schools, eco-businesses and any project with environmental and social consciousness.

The outcome of the workshop is to have a general understanding of permaculture and dragon dreaming, the design techniques for both methodologies, the design process for permaculture and the steps you have to follow in dragon dreaming.

Information we will go through with Dragon Dreaming

  • What is dragon dreaming?
  • Connection with the environment of your project
  • Dragon dreaming steps
  • Techniques to develop a project
  • Making a design for real project

Information we will go through with Permaculture Design

  • What is permaculture?
  • Principle of permaculture (ethics and design)
  • Your internal designer
  • Permaculture design considerations
  • Design techniques
  • Making one garden design with real data

Language: English


Dreams of Permaculture

A full day workshop including a Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture workshop

Dragon Dreaming workshop

Permaculture Design workshop

09:00 Welcome

09:15 First part Dragon Dreaming workshop

11:15 Pause

11:30 Second part Dragon Dreaming workshop

13:00 Lunch

14:00 First part Permaculture Design workshop

16:00 Pause

16:15 Second part Permaculture Design workshop

18:00 Ending of the day

50 € 
Including the 2 workshops and the food during the day

We do not want money to be a problem for access to knowledge, so if your economic situation does not allow you to pay this amount and you want to participate, write to us and together we will find a solution.


Oltmannsstraße 30, 79100 Freiburg im Breisgau