Experiment I

Hello everyone!

So nicer weather in the north hemispher and the season for many food is going on. So with the sun shinning we decide to plant some tomatos in the roof where Im living now but we wanted to make a Little experiment. The plan was to plant tomatos in two different boxes where they Will have the same conditions (wáter, sun exposition, shadow, vind, etc.) but one of them Will have the seeds with any ordern and the other one Will be in spiral. So red one Will be the disordered one and the blue Will be the spiral one.

After couple of week the blue box started having buds before tan the red one, and they start to grow faster so weeks later you could even see the form of the spiral in the box. Second the seeds in the blue box could bud all of them and the ones in the red box just only some of the sprouted.

Im not even sure what happen but the only differenes were how we planted the seeds so there must be some relation between the roots and the relation between the plant that made them to grow faster and made them to be stronger to bud.

Check the pictures and leave us your comments!

have a nice day! =)


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  1. Hi,
    Very interesting experiment. I wonder if the seeds sense the proximity of the other seeds and they provide nutrients/growth signals to each other. It would be interesting if you could add more details about the distancing between the seeds in the red box. Were the seeds placed at the same distance as in the red box? Another experiment you could try is to place the seeds in “clusters” disorganized vs spiral.

    Anyhow, I think the ideas are very interesting and I am sure that there might be some scientific literature to bolster this finding.

    Good work and a great website, keep it up,


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