Introduction to a permaculture design in Berlín

Thank you everybody! We had and amazing saturday full of energy and with a lot of exchange of ideas. Is wonderful to see more and more people being part of the Permaculture family and see this enthusiamsm for making things better and share it with everyone

We are super happy and we hope you wake up this week with new energies and watching a beautiful future for all your projects.

A big hug and see you soon!

Sustainable Lands & 2000m2-Weltacker

Sustainable Lands


Here we have some photos from the workshop. Enjoy it!

Permaculture +Tourism?

If you think permaculture is cool and also you like tourism or ecotourism, can you imagen having both together? Yeah! This is possible! and in Belgrade Serbia there is a Project what combine permaculture and ecotourism call Different Belgrade. We Will go there and have the experience of this amazing Project.

You can check their web page and soon we Will let you know how it was!